Конституция государства халифата;  Статья 24: Халиф выступает во власти и в исполнении шариата от имени уммы.


Article 24: The Khalifah is the representative of the Ummah in excercising of the authorityand in implementing of the Shari’ah.

The Khilafah is the general leadership for all of the Muslims in the World, in order to establish the rules of the Shari’ah and to carry the Islamic call to the world. The ones whom appoint the one who undertakes this leadership, in other words, appoint the Khalifah, are the Muslims alone. Since the authority belongs to the Ummah, and the implementation of the Shari’ah is obligatory upon the Muslims, and the Khalifah is a leader for them, accordingly his reality is that he is their representative in the authority and the implementation of the Shari’ah. Therefore, there is no Khalifah unless the Ummah gives him the pledge of allegiance; their pledge to him is proof that he is their representative. The obligation of obedience to him is proof that this pledge, which concludes the contracting of the Khilafah to him, gives him the authority, and this means that he is their representative in the authority. And upon this basis this article has been drafted.