Конституция государства халифата;  Статья 100: Управляющие во всех управлениях, учреждениях и ведомствах могут быть освобождены от своих должностей только по какой-либо причине, согласно соответству ющим административным правилам. Допускается перемещать их с одной работы на другую и приостанавливать их деятельность. Руководитель, который возглавляет генераль ное управление их учреждений, ведомств или управлений имеет полномочия назна чать их на должности, передвигать их по службе, приостанавливать их деятельность, налагать на них административные взыскания и смещать их с работы.



Article 100: The managers in all departments, administrations, and divisions are not dismissed except for reasons connected with the administrative systems, but it is permitted to transfer them between posts or to suspend them from working. Their appointment, transfer, suspension, discipline, and removal are all done by whoever is in charge of the highest post of their office, department, or administration.

This is taken from the rules of employment, since if the employee is employed for a period it is not correct to remove him from what he has been employed to do, but it is possible to vacate him from the work, which is called suspension. However in this situation he deserves his pay, since employment is from the binding contracts and not the permitted contracts, so if the employment contract is contracted then the contract is binding upon both parties. As for the adherence to the administrative systems, this is like the conditions of employment, and so it is necessary to fulfil them; the Messenger  صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم said

«الْمُسْلِمُونَ عَلَى شُرُوطِهِمْ»

“The Muslims will be bound by their conditions” reported by Abu Dawud from Abu Hurayra, and in the report by Al-Hakim and Al-Daraqutni from 'Aisha (ra):

«الْمُسْلِمُونَ عِنْدَ شُرُوطِهِمْ»

“The Muslims will be bound by their conditions”. As for transferring the person between posts, this is according to the contract of employment, so the one who is employed to dig a ditch is not transferred to building houses, and the state departments are the same manner. If someone is given a general appointment for a specific work, then it is permitted to transfer him from place to place in that work, and if he was given a general appointment, then it is permitted to transfer him without any restrictions; in other words, his transfer is carried out according to the contract of appointment.