Конституция государства халифата;  Статья 175: На всех уровнях образования должен преподаваться курс исламской культуры. В системе высшего образо вания должны быть кафедры для различных исламских дисциплин, как это будет сделано с медициной, инженерным делом, физикой и т. п.



Article 175: The Islamic culture must be taught at all levels of education. In higher education, departments should be assigned to the various Islamic disciplines as will be done with medicine, engineering, physics and anything similar.

The evidence for the article is the action of the Messenger SL-16pt, since he SL-16pt used to teach the rules of Islam to men, women, the elderly and the youth, which indicates that Islam teaches every generation, and so it is learnt at all levels of education. Knowledge other than the laws of Islam such as the sciences and industries is permitted, however its reality is that they are studied after gaining basic knowledge that is essential such as the principles that are required to enter some of the sciences and industries such as medicine and engineering, and so they are taught after this information has been acquired. Therefore, their teaching is done in higher education. Built upon the reality of the information and the action of the Messenger SL-16pt, this article was drafted, and so this is what necessitated it.