The Constitution of the Caliphate State, Article 70 : The Department of Internal Security is responsible for everything related to security, and prevents anything that threatens the internal security. It protects the security of the land through the police, and does not resort to the Army except by the order of the Khalifah. The head of this department is called the (Manager of Internal Security). This department has branches in the provinces, each of which is called (Section of Internal Ssecurity) and the head of the section is called the Police Chief, Sahib Al-Shurtah, in the province.

The Department of Internal Security is responsible for anything pertaining to internal security and headed by the manager of internal security. This department would have a branch in each province called the internal security section, which will be headed by the Police Chief in the province who will be under the responsibility of the governor in terms of execution. He would follow the Department of Internal Security pertaining to administration; a matter that would be organised by a special law.

The Internal Security Department is the department responsible for administering everything linked to security. It takes charge of maintaining security within the country through use of the police force. This is the main means to maintain security. Hence, it is permissible for the Internal Security Department to use the police at any time, in any way it likes, and its orders must be implemented immediately. However, if the police require the help of the armed forces, a request is submitted to the Khalifah. He can order the Army to help the Internal Security Department or to provide it with a military force to help it in maintaining the security, or he can issue any order he sees fit. He is also entitled to refuse such requests and demand that the police carry out the task themselves.